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Houston Texans

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Team News

  ESPN Houston Texans reporter Tania Ganguli evaluates the team’s 2-0 record and how much stock we should put into it in comparison to being 2-0 during last year’s dismal season.
1 hour 38 min ago
Take a look inside the numbers as the Houston Texans prepare to travel to the opposite coast they were on last week to play the New York Giants. Courtesy of NFL Communications, I give you these numbers, notes, and food for thought as your Houston Texans steel themselves for a trip to MetLife Stadium to take on the New York Giants. TEXANS GIANTS SERIES LEADER 2-1 STREAKS...
1 hour 38 min ago
Battle Red Blog
KIPP Houston Public Schools’ Southeast Campus will get a new natural turf football field, thanks in part to a $50,000 grant from the Houston Texans through the National Football League Foundation Grassroots Program.
2 hours 1 min ago
Houston Texans
Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans... Texans' running back Arian Foster drew notice for his performance on the field on Sunday, and then for his performance on Twitter on Tuesday. We'll start with the field. John Harris of HoustonTexans.com takes a look at what it means that Foster is one of the league's best one-cut runners. Meanwhile, Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press declared...
3 hours 18 min ago
Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Wednesday, September 17, 2014. Houston Texans News Swearinger a turnover-inducing machine for Texans - Houston ChronicleD.J. Swearinger is like a gnat. He annoys receivers. No matter what they do, they just can't get away from the Texans' second-year strong safety. Odell Beckham Jr. could play for NY Giants...
4 hours 38 min ago
Battle Red Blog
Comparing team statistics from the past two seasons.
4 hours 38 min ago
Houston Texans
Texans Dominated And Put Away The Raiders EarlyThe Houston Texans improved to 2-0 on the season by completely destroying the Oakland Raiders in their home opener. It is the fifth straight year that the Texans have started their season winning their first 2 games.Ryan Fitzpatrick And Texans Have A Turnover Free GameOne of the biggest keys for the Texans to come out with a victory over the Raiders...
12 hours 41 min ago
Houston Sports Focus
Swearinger is irritating them with his incessant trash talking, stripping the ball with his big-play ability, and making teeth-rattling hits. [...] someone invents a can of anti-Swearinger spray, he'll continue to be a pest who infuriates opponents. No player on the defense has made more big plays than Swearinger, who has been involved in three of the six turnovers, two that saved touchdowns...
13 hours 21 min ago
Houston Chronicle
Texans analyst explains what makes Arian Foster so great as a runner.
13 hours 56 min ago
Houston Texans
On Tuesday, billion-dollar beer company Anheuser-Busch fired a shot across the bow at the NFL for its current domestic violence problem.  One of the NFL’s employees has fired back. “We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season,” Anheuser-Busch said in a statement. “We are not yet satisfied…
14 hours 34 min ago
Pro Football Talk
Stay awhile and listen to Matt Weston, BFD, and DieHard Chris for a hour as they discuss Houston's 30-14 win over the Oakland Raiders. The show is live tonight at 7 p.m. CDT. At 7 p.m. CDT, BRB's own Matt Weston, Big Fat Drunk, and DieHard Chris will review and chat about the Texans starting the season 2-0 for the fifth consecutive year, the decrepit Oakland Raiders, Ryan Fitzmagic, if the...
17 hours 8 min ago
Battle Red Blog
In the third week of the regular season, the Texans have made roster moves in their ongoing effort to improve depth to give the team the best chance to win games and endure the long NFL season. Waived: Linebacker Jason Ankrah was released from the 53-man roster today.  Ankrah was brought into training camp as an undrafted free agent out of Nebraska, and played in the latest game in Oakland where...
17 hours 45 min ago
Battle Red Blog
The Texans made several transactions on Tuesday.
19 hours 7 min ago
Houston Texans
The New England Patriots' defense is preparing for a bit of the unknown in Oakland rookie quarterback Derek Carr this Sunday. New England coaches have watched plays from his days at Fresno State. ''He's an athletic guy back there,'' Patriots coach Bill Belichick said on a conference call Tuesday. Obviously the systems are different but from a skill standpoint, I think his skills are his skills...
20 hours 9 min ago
Yahoo Sports
Like a peewee football game, everyone got a chance to play last Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. The losers didn't get a trophy, though. See who played and for how long here. Welp, I had plenty of roster analysis to go in here, but my computer decided to reset on me. So, for this week, you'll have to made do without my voice of reason. Offense Name POS Snaps PCT% Season % Snaps...
20 hours 38 min ago
Battle Red Blog
Capt Ron chronicles the Texans' latest game against the Oakland Raiders, and the best start for any new head coach in franchise history. Captain's Log Supplemental The Texans traveled to the infamous black hole in Oakland and left it as an even larger vortex of desecration by the end of the game.  The Texans have only allowed 6 points scored against them in the first 7 quarters of football for...
22 hours 38 min ago
Battle Red Blog
It's an NFL blogging rite of passage. After two weeks, we must look forward and make grand judgments based on what we've seen for one-eighth of the season. Granted, history backs us up quite a bit that starting 0-2 is, well, not likely to portend good things. Since the 2007 season, there have been 59 teams that started 0-2 — and a mere four made the postseason. The Carolina Panthers did it...
22 hours 44 min ago
Yahoo Sports
How will these contracts affect other pass rushers from the stellar 2011 draft class? Players in line to hit free agency – barring franchise or transition tags – or receive extensions in the next two years: Jets DL Muhammad Wilkerson, Saints DE Cameron Jordan, Chargers DE Corey Liuget, 49ers OLB Aldon Smith and Broncos OLB Von Miller.
22 hours 48 min ago
Yahoo Sports
Food, fun, fitness and football education… what more could a woman want?
1 day 34 min ago
Houston Texans
Erin Skelley, aka “Erin the Fantasy Girl” on Texans Radio/Sports Radio 610 in Houston, dishes out waiver wire magic for Week 3.
1 day 1 hour ago
Houston Texans




Cap Space

Cap Space Available
How much money is left that can be spent
Total Cap Spending
How much money has already been spent
Dead Money
Money spent on players who have been cut


Name Position Age Weight Height
Jones Ben C 25 308 lbs 6-3
Myers Chris C 32 286 lbs 6-4
Bouye A.J. CB 23 191 lbs 6-0
Joseph Johnathan CB 30 188 lbs 5-11
Mack Elbert CB 28 175 lbs 5-10
Hal Andre DB 22 188 lbs 5-10
Jackson Kareem DB 26 188 lbs 5-10
Morris Darryl DB 23 188 lbs 5-10
Crick Jared DE 25 285 lbs 6-4
Jamison Tim DE 28 287 lbs 6-3
Pagan Jeoffrey DE 21 310 lbs 6-3
Watt J.J. DE 25 289 lbs 6-5
Nix Louis DT 23 331 lbs 6-2
Prosch Jay FB 22 256 lbs 6-1
Lewis Kendrick FS 26 198 lbs 6-0
Brooks Brandon G 25 335 lbs 6-5
Cushing Brian ILB 27 249 lbs 6-3
Bullock Randy K 24 206 lbs 5-9
Ankrah Jason LB 23 262 lbs 6-3
Clowney Jadeveon LB 21 266 lbs 6-5
Mercilus Whitney LB 24 258 lbs 6-4
Mohamed Mike LB 26 238 lbs 6-3
Tarpinian Jeff LB 26 240 lbs 6-3
Tuggle Justin LB 24 247 lbs 6-0
Weeks Jon LS 28 246 lbs 5-10
Dent Akeem MLB 26 239 lbs 6-1
Powe Jerrell NT 27 331 lbs 6-2
Su'a-Filo Xavier OG 23 307 lbs 6-4
Reed Brooks OLB 27 254 lbs 6-3
Lechler Shane P 38 237 lbs 6-2
Fitzpatrick Ryan QB 31 223 lbs 6-2
Mallett Ryan QB 26 245 lbs 6-6
Savage Tom QB 24 228 lbs 6-4
Blue Alfred RB 23 222 lbs 6-2
Brown Ronnie RB 32 223 lbs 6-1
Foster Arian RB 28 227 lbs 6-1
Grimes Jonathan RB 24 209 lbs 5-10
Keo Shiloh S 26 208 lbs 5-11
Pleasant Eddie SAF 25 210 lbs 5-10
Clemons Chris SS 28 214 lbs 6-1
Swearinger D.J. SS 22 208 lbs 5-10
Adams Jeff T 24 305 lbs 6-7
Brown Duane T 28 303 lbs 6-4
Clabo Tyson T 32 315 lbs 6-6
Newton Derek T 26 313 lbs 6-6
Fiedorowicz C.J. TE 22 265 lbs 6-5
Graham Garrett TE 28 243 lbs 6-3
Griffin Ryan TE 24 254 lbs 6-6
Hopkins DeAndre WR 22 207 lbs 6-1
Johnson Andre WR 33 230 lbs 6-3
Johnson Damaris WR 24 175 lbs 5-8
Martin Keshawn WR 24 194 lbs 5-11
Posey DeVier WR 24 210 lbs 6-1